Debt consolidation is an effective method to manage outstanding balances. It involves taking out a new loan to secure debts into one. It is undeniable that many are facing financial stress caused by economic crisis. Commodities keep on increasing, and even the cost of education comes in with a hefty price tag. Life is unpredictable and you’ll never know what is going to happen in the next few days. Financial stress can happen to anyone who has an existing loan and owns a number of credit cards. Having several monthly bills with different due dates will make your head ache especially when your funds are insufficient.

Consider Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is one way to get out of debt and free yourself from stress that you are experiencing. From several loans to one loan, the process involves combining your debts into one. You still have loans but just in a more organized manner. Debt consolidation does not eliminate your existing loans but at least you deal with only one and not several loan institutions. What a relief! Debt consolidation provides convenience, while in this process stop creating new loans, avoid using credit cards and spending beyond your means. It’s time to save.

Save Money and Be Eco-Friendly

Who would have thought that saving money and saving mother earth goes hand in hand? Apply these simple tips, save hundreds of dollars and save the planet at the same time:

  1. Conserve energy – There are many ways on how to conserve energy. Turn the lights off when not in use. Switch to energy saving bulbs, it may be a little expensive compared from ordinary light bulbs but your electric bill will prove that it’s all worth it. Limit hot showers. If the weather is good, quit using dryers and use your clothesline. Limit using flat iron, and oven. Create a weekly plan for this and don’t use it every day.
  2. Save water – Don’t let your water running. Check faucet, water storage, pipes and make sure there are no leaks. Avoid long baths. Keep unfiltered water and use it to water the plants.
  3. Arrange trips – Save gas. Green cars may be costly but switching to an environment friendly car has benefits. Use one car. You can also arrange trips and have a weekly schedule. Plan ahead of time and ask your family to join you whenever you create a schedule.